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White Filling:What Are Pros And Cons?

Generally, the white filling or tooth filling is a dental composite that is created from a blend of plastic and fillers which is utilized to fix the decayed teeth. Placing a white filling on the patient generally belongs to the cosmetic dentistry procedure that can bring a drastic change in the smile of the individual by changing the color and shape of their teeth.

Our teeth are the most important thing and a part of overall health with which we must deal properly. There are many circumstances in life because of which an individual might face a genuine oral health problem like cavities, tooth decay, and much more, and when it happens, many of us get confused about what should be done to cure it. Such types of cases might need Dental Emergency from Laser Dentistry.


Among these issues, one is the hole also known as a cavity, which develops over time and if it did not get identified at the early stage and treated on time, then it continues to develop deeper and at that time you feel helpless and feels unbearable pain in your dental structure, whenever any food or liquid sustenance will hit that spot leading to severe tooth infection. This time you might need to undergo a procedure.

A tooth can be filled in many ways, the highly popular among all the types are white fillings. It is best as it does not involve much time and exertion to fill the holes of teeth with white fillings. 


White Fillings: How They Get Placed?


At the time of the procedure, the dentist places a dental composite in a manner of layers, generally by utilizing the light which is specially used to harden each layer. Once the process is finished, the dentist will then structure the composite to fix the tooth. After that, the professional polish it to prevent getting stained and to protect it from early wear.


White fillings: How much does it cost?


The prices vary between the dental clinic and the dental expert you select, sometimes it can be costlier than silver fillings. There are many dental insurance plans, which offer the coverage of price for a silver filling and the difference is to be borne by the patient. As the white filling procedure is rising very quickly, there are many dental insurance providers who are looking keen to increase their coverage costs also.

White Filling: What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?


There are some advantages and disadvantages of the white filling procedure. The very first benefit is that it gets matched and gel characteristically with the color of your teeth and therefore most of the patients prefer to undergo a white filling procedure. 

In the case when your front teeth need to be filled, then definitely gold and silver filling is not an option. For this kind of situation white filling is the most suitable option for individuals.


Another benefit of having a white filling procedure is that it is a quick and hassle-free procedure when it comes to filling the tooth. As there are various methods of fillings too, requiring multiple dental visits, but white filling can be effectively done in a single dental visit or in some cases might need the second visit only (depends on the complexity of the case).

Another limitation associated with a white filling is that it is not as strong as a metal filling. Silver or white gold filling can sustain forever or at least for a prolonged period, but when it comes to white filling, the individual needs to retry or re-filled it after a couple of years. This procedure is safe and has no issues like amalgam filling which has been highly criticized due to the mercury content involvement, which in turn becomes the reason for crushed teeth and additionally impacts your general health by blending with spit. This makes white filling more superior and safer options of filling.


Average Tooth Filling Cost:


Without insurance coverage, the cost of tooth filling maybe $200 to $600. Although, the cost may range from $100 to $4,000 on the size and the location of your cavity. Moreover, it may depend on the chosen material used in the procedure. 


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